Any ex-student of Knox Grammar school, or anyone with another connection to the school may join the Knox Old Boys Pipe Band.


Our band members have various levels of commitment to the band. We recognise that some members can devote more time than others to the band, and that this changes as personal circumstances change.


The band provides uniforms for its members.

Initially these uniforms may be borrowed from the band. However, as members become ‘financially independent’, we ask that they buy their uniforms (from the band).

Buying your uniform:

  • frees up band finances, and reduces the need for band fund-raising.
  • gives you control over your own uniform.

Borrowed uniforms

  • may be reclaimed by the band at any time for any reason (for example, to outfit other band members for a particular engagement).
  • must be returned if you become inactive (e.g. if you move overseas, or find you can’t commit to playing at any band engagements)

Uniforms that have been bought can usually be sold back to the band.


Usually pipers have their own pipes. However, the band does have a small number of instruments that it can lend to recent school leavers before they acquire their own.

The band will lend pipers a pipe chanter (matched with the rest of the band). The band will generally supply chanter reeds to members.

The band supplies drums for the band.

How to join

If you would like to join the band, please come along to our practices and we will take it from there.